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BreakerHeart Music Group is partner-owned by two brothers, Do-U-G(Doug Foster) & No Love (Derell Richards). Together, they not only own the company, but they are also the lead artists that keep the ship afloat. 

Do-U-G's  style has been compared to several artists in the industry now; namely T.I., Jody Breeze, Paul Wall, and others. Though these comparisons have been made, Do-U-G still has his "H-Town"/"Hustletown, USA" swag and sound. Whether it's "Awready", "knowimsayin", "Mayne", or any other "H-Town" slang, Do-U-G brings the raw style that derives from the Southside of Houston. He also has the "dark-side" of his life intertwined into his lyrics. For example, he has been through the struggles of life that most people would give up on, including heartbreak; hence BreakerHeart, death of loved ones, and struggles of the street-life. When all is said and done, Do-U-G, along with the entire BreakerHeart Music Group, will undoubtedly give you edgy street swag and will be known to not only the Underground Music World, but the entire world's airwaves.

Now, No Love is another interesting artist, because he gives you the best of both worlds; r&b and rap. His soulful voice allows you to hear the emotion and pain that he, himself, has been through. Similar to Do-U-G, No Love has been through many struggles of the streets as well as life in general. His lyrics are motivational to not only the "average person", but also to the hustler or gangster in the streets. He his an artist that can give you a solid and "catchy" hook to just about any well-produced track in the world while reminding you that he is, INDEED, from the Southside of Houston; namely Third Ward. 

Again, these two powerhouse artists' talents, put together, will let your mind wonder with their crafty word-play and swag. Now, don't be surprised if you don't understand some things that they say, because a great majority of what they put into their lyrics is derived from them being in the street-life; both in Houston,Tx and in Chicago, Illinois. For those that can put two-and-two together will understand why both of these cities are included in these artists' lives. Better yet, you can just pick up a copy of their singles and their upcoming mixtape, "Two Bosses...One Nation".

Please stay tuned for more ventures from B.H.M.G. including a new business connection with Michael Anthony of Black Diamondz:


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BreakerHeart Music Group & Black Diamondz Konnected!!!