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Welcome to the BreakerHeart Music Group page. Here, you'll find up-to-date news, videos, music and pictures showing you the enormity of success that our artists will provide you with over the years. Although we have only just begun,  we are already ahead of schedule on our goal achievements. For example, we already have our business banking account, we have 4 of our 6 singles done ( R.I.P., H-Town, BMF; BreakerHeart/FOLK Remix, and Money) and will be ready to be distributed to a 'hood near you. 

 Now, in order for a music business, namely BreakerHeart Music Group, to be successful it must first have a leader(s) that will be able to guide the rest of the team through any and all obstacles in order to reach success. With that said, you get exactly that and more when you mention Do-U-G and No Love; Co-Founders/Owners/CEO's/Presidents of the company. Yes, you read correctly. Do-U-G and No Love handle all of the executive responsibilities of BreakerHeart as both a Music Group and as a "crew", in general. They have, literally, built this company from scratch, so to speak. It all started as a verbal agreement between the two and soon, by the grace and mercy of God, became one of the fastest growing underground groups to come out of the infamous streets of Houston, Texas. Not only that, but these two businessmen have a "buzz" so hot in Houston, that when you hear them, you would swear they were already main-stream artists. Whether it's the comfortability they have in the studio or their hustle-minded swag, they will have you saying, "Awready", "Mayne", "Knowimtombot", "Knowimsayin" or any of the many H-Town derived slang. 

 Nevertheless, as great and savvy as these guys are, they can't possibly lead a team without other artists. Therefore, at the moment, BreakerHeart has several artists and many allies that they can rely on to come through and deliver the extra "icing-on-the-cake". Just to name a few, some artists that are currently on the BreakerHeart Music Group are as follows: Young Uda, Lil Trip, Black, Special K, and soon to come, Crack . With this kind of start, BreakerHeart Music Group is on its way to more success than even they could imagine. I know we have all heard the saying, "The sky is the limit,"well this group of talented individuals is well on its way to surpassing all galaxies and will likely develop a chemistry so strong that even the "haters" will have no choice but to respect the success. When it comes to allies, B.H.M.G. gets help from Mike Hop of MashMode, Mic V and Sir EJ of Unscripted Minds Ent.(which No Love is also a member of), Skills(freelance artist and producer) and many more to be added and named at a later date.

 In closing, BreakerHeart Music Group would like to thank God, who has made all of this possible, all of the family members and friends who have given unconditional support, as well as all of the "haters" that only provide more of a "buzz" in the streets for the group's success. For all of those who have any doubts or will soon develop doubts about the group, thank you for even taking the time to listen to our music and providing the time, energy, and effort to even give an explanation of who, what, when, where, and why regarding B.H.M.G.


Please stay tuned for more ventures from B.H.M.G. including a new business connection with Michael Anthony of Black Diamondz:


Please visit his site and show love on his blogs and guestlist.

BreakerHeart Music Group & Black Diamondz Konnected!!!

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